The Novel


Aloha mai no, aloha aku. Love given is love returned. —Hawaiian proverbNichts ist gefährlicher als eine schöne Melodie.
Nothing is more dangerous than a beautiful melody. —Frederich Nietzsche

Born into an impoverished Hawaiian family, Maile Manoa’s quest for a life in music lures her to the high-stakes world of 1960’s European opera. In Salzburg, Austria she attracts the attentions of powerful men and falls in love . . . with a troubled young musician, with the city, and the intrigue that surrounds her.

When Werner von Wehlen, the famous conductor at the center of Salzburg’s glamorous music festival, offers her a leading role, she is forced to confront the Nazi heart of the classical music scene and von Wehlen’s treacherous past. On the evening of her brilliant premiere, with Soviet tanks threatening to invade the city, Maile must choose between recognition on the world stage . . . or leaving the city with her life, and her conscience, intact.


Published by Luminis Books


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